kevin mellon


"me i find" behind the scenes

put the band from ‘partners’ back together and shot another short with jayce and gabby.

jayce and i both ran cameras while gabby walked around a lot. i mean A LOT. we made sure she got her steps in that day.

i’m working on the full edit, but here’s a quick behind the scenes clip i put together. shot and edited by me.

featuring: jayce michael hill / gabby naylor shot / edited / music: kevin mellon jayce, gabby, and i needed to do some test footage to see how some things we're planning to shoot are going to work, so we came up with a short film idea to do in order to test for the short film we want to do.

that time of the year again

I've got a lot to say about this year, but I'm working on a couple of new music projects and some comics stuff for the spring/summer that will say everything about this year (and the last couple of years) much better than I can here. It was an up and down year in every single way possible. I'm still processing some recent things, as well as dealing with the long-term repercussions of things from 1 and 2 years ago.

Life ebbs and flows in waves.

Long after the initial impact, things ripple out and have unexpected ramifications both positive and negative.

Some days you have the strength to paddle. Others it's a struggle to stay afloat. But we keep swimming. 

I'm grateful for everyone who stuck with me both personally and professionally. Here's to 2018 and creating a better world for ourselves and others.


12-12 update

been a while since i updated here. twitter and instagram are my preferred methods of updating on things, but i've been looking at coming back to a more focused internet presence that lives mostly here and then updates to those places. i've deactivated my fb again, and don't miss it. i enjoy my interactions on the other two platforms, and tumblr i'm just never on. i think i'm too old to have missed the boat that missed the boat on that one.

anyways here's a page from a 24-page one-shot i've had in progress for a while. life, both internal and external, have eaten away at a lot of my getting new comics done over the last few years. working on changing that moving forward.