kevin mellon


The Wayback Machine: Bandwidth (2006)

As Dennis Hopeless can attest, I come up with ideas left and right. Most of them are half-formed garbage, but that's how my brain works. Just come up with shit left and right and see what sticks. Sometimes I get so far into an idea that it actually becomes something, but then peters out due to lack of time/interest/ability. BANDWIDTH is one of those ideas.

Basically, it's "Enemy of the State" but with a dude that can hear radio/bluetooth/etc. signals clearly. I was working on GearHead at the same time, so it never got much farther than these 6 pages. Plus, I suck at doing research, and a concept like this lives and dies on ones ability to convince the audience that you know what you're talking about, even if you're full of shit. I just couldn't pull it off at that time. Maybe some day, who knows. I've retooled the concept somewhat since then, so it's much less of an 'on-the-run' dramatic thriller now and more of a 'fuck-yeah-technology' action-ey thing. We'll see.

Anyways, enjoy me in 2006.