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Proof of Concept.

Coming from APE Entertainment in early 2010.

This promo poster debuted at Chicago Comic-Con in August of this year.

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For those of you following me throughout the last few years or so, you know that I've been working on developing this book actively since August of 2008. It's been a concept I've had since early 2008.

Dora (Pandora, dark hair) and Cora (Corazon-Jade, bottle blonde) are two sisters traveling across Texas, fighting demons and tracking down the Devil so they can get their souls back. A mysterious, absentee ex-preacher father, a gun with no bullets that kills only demons & the Hell's Angels all come into play on their dark road-trip.

The below is a Preview Ashcan that Debuted at PROJECT: COMICON in June of 2009, show-casing a portion of the development sketches as well as the first 10 pages of Suicide Sisters, Volume One: Shoot The Devil.

Thanks for bearing with me on this post, back to regularly scheduled nonsense later this week.