kevin mellon


Quivering Voices.

I think these things can be more than 22-page fight scenes—and I’m a guy who likes 22-page fight scenes. I might’ve come for the steak, but I stay for the sizzle. And especially stuff like Denny’s Green Lantern/Green Arrow stuff, first or not, I definitely feel an obligation to carry on those traditions, because these things can be more than what they are. And if you can take something as ultimately frivolous in the cosmic scale of things in the universe and what’s important; people being born and dying and everything else that’s gonna happen today — if one gay kid in Shawnee Mission, Kan., reads an X-Men comic and feels for a second like maybe they’re not entirely alone in the world, that’s amazing. I’ll take it. Whatever size victory that is, I will take.

-Matt Fraction