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Sketches and Stories

My friend Bryan Edward Hill has started a new short story blog called "Sketches and Stories" that will feature an illustration and then the short prose story he's concocted to go with it.

He starts the awesome off with one of my illustrations "Samurai Bear."

Samurai Bear

Sketches and Stories

I "met" Bryan a long ass time ago on the pre-ironic/post-altruistic interwebnet of about 2004 or 2005. He had a blog going then that was made up of his unique take on pop culture, coupled with his mission to make us all better dressers and most importantly (to me) his short stories. I've been meaning to get him something to muse upon for years now, and now that I've done so, I want more. So, the ether willing, hopefully this won't be the last Hill/Mellon collabo mixtape-arama that assaults your eyes and brain.

I just realized, I've still never met Mr. Hill in person. Gonna have to rectify that one of these days.