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Suicide Sisters Volume 1, #2 page 19 inks


Page 19 of Suicide Sisters Volume 1, issue 2.

So fucking behind on this book it's not even funny. It's depressing. Sad fact is, I "took off" last year from work for hire to just work on Lovestruck (formerly "Cupid") and Suicide Sisters. Lovestruck ended up taking longer than I thought, along with other mitigating factors beyond my control and SS just ended up getting put on the back burner more than it should have.

Roll into this year, and I start rocking out issue 2, and without even looking for it, a bunch of work for hire comes my way. I'm not in the position to turn anything down anymore, so I took on all of it. It's fun, don't get me wrong, and I'm working on some projects I enjoy (I don't say yes to anything that I don't think I'll have fun doing/can't bring anything new or interesting to the table for myself) but it just keeps putting off the thing I really want to be finishing right now, Suicide Sisters.

So yeah. That's that. Lovestruck will probably be out end of the year-ish. If I can bust ass in between deadlines, Suicide Sisters might hit around the same time. Here's hoping.


Also, sorry for the week without posts. Has to happen every now and then. I'm at a point where I'm technically out of things to post, so I may end up staggering out posts more. We'll see. Or maybe I can just sketch more and take care of the problem that way.