kevin mellon



I like reading con wrap-up posts, but am loathe to write one, so I'll just say it was a great time and I really love chicago and have some amazing friends in that city.

I didn't set up at c2e2, but a guy who's gotten sketches from me at shows before saw me and asked for some sketches, so I did 2. Glad I did. Helped out with the food and drink costs after the show.

Catwoman: (as a companion piece to a Batman sketch I did for him almost a year ago).

and a Spider-Man:

and some pics from wandering around the show. Kinda didn't get as many as I wanted, but that's a good thing as it meant I was doing business and chatting with friends (the point of going).

Pics of the show after the break -

Mike Norton:


Zac Atkinson:

Ghost Rider taking a vengeance break.

Click to embiggen:

Me, Hopeless, Stegman.