kevin mellon


Planet Comicon Sunday

Thank you so much to everyone who came out and said hi and the awesome peeps who bought the sketches below. I heart you all.

Much thanks to William at Elite (you're the man), Jason Aaron, the whole Elite Comics in Overland Park, KS crew (you guys know who you are and you all rule), Chris Jackson, and Kirk Chritton for helping to make the whole show a blast and a HUGE level-up for the hometown show.

Wolverine, doing his Sniktety Snikt Here Comes The Stabbin' thing:

He's really obsessed with those claws...

These folks must hate their pets. But fortunately they seem to like the dog better, since they wanted him as a zombie eating the cat. Cats are evil anyway: 

I've taken to calling this head sketch I did on a variant print "Electric Medusa." Might have to explore this idea some more: