kevin mellon


Planet Comicon

This weekend, March 26 & 27, I'll be set up at Planet Comicon in Overland Park, KS. It's just outside of Kansas City and it's in Kansas, but we all consider it our home show anyways. ;)

I won't have much new to sell as far as books go, the 3 graphic novel/series releases I have coming out this year won't start dropping until next month at the earliest, but I will be doing sketches and what not.

Prices are the same as they have been for about a year now.

$40 - 9x12 bristol board, single inked figure (minimal background/design elements).

$80 - 11x17 bristol board, single inked figure (minimal background/design elements).

An additional $20 for each extra figure, up to 3 figures per commission piece.

I'll also be selling original artwork for various prices. Old blog sketches will vary between $20 and $80 each, original pages will mostly be starting at $100 and go on up from there.

I look forward to seeing everyone there!



Available at the show, as a set of three with prints from Nathan Fox and Jason Latour.