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LoveStruck Down.... [update]

[apparently Blogger's issues all day yesterday and today ate the original post, so I'm reposting it w/ an update]
UPDATE: 5/13/11 -
Yesterday, I inadvertently caused a bit of hoopla with my wording in the post below, which was unintentional and unfortunate. Suffice it to say, AiT/Planet Lar is NOT going anywhere and while I never said they were done or going out of business, it's very easy to see how that was read into what I posted below. (The phrase "shutting down" probably being too harsh to be followed by "for the time being.") 
My and Dennis' relationship with Larry is just fine, and if anything, he's more than used to dealing with minor shit-storms on the internet than we are. 
Larry is weathering the comic book direct market climate in a way that will hopefully ensure his over a decade old company comes out still in existence and I completely support that. We need publishers like AiT around, especially in times of great market change like now. 
That said, Dennis and I are negotiating a new publishing deal for LOVESTRUCK and once it's set in stone, I'll announce it here and pretty much everywhere else. It should allow the book to come out this year, as planned. 
Much thanks to all the love and support Dennis and I received publicly and privately over this. I feel blessed to know so many have got our backs and are willing to go to such lengths for our funny-book makin' asses. 

[update, late 5/13/11 -

Blogger has decided to reinstate the lost post, so I deleted the contents from here so they can exist below and not clog up this page]