kevin mellon


Lovestruck Down....

LOVESTRUCK, Dennis Hopeless and I's long in the works (and completed) sophomore effort after Gearhead, was supposed to drop this summer.

As of right now, that ain't happening.

We were informed that the publisher is essentially shutting down shop for the time being and not releasing the book (or any of their other scheduled books this year). This is the reality of the comics world right now, there are so many factors in the publishers decision, it's tough to be mad at any of them because they all make sense and are the same shitty things everyone is going through. 

So Hopeless and I are re-grouping and figuring out what to do. The landscape of comics has changed drastically in the 3-4 years it's taken to get Lovestruck done, so we're not quite sure what will happen to this 180 page behemoth, but we'll figure out something. The book is completely finished, so at least there's that.