kevin mellon


REBOOT!!! - Bone

Same deal as the last ones

click through for the color version of Comics Alliance INDIE COMICS REBOOT: BONE

Layouts and pencils after the break.

I thought I understood the joke Laura Hudson (Comics Alliance Grand Master) was going for, a Bone man, lots of bones, wielding a sword. A reboot of Bone as Conan-esque, totally opposite and not getting the point of the original comic. So I drew a dude with a skeleton head, lots of skeleton heads below him, skeleton head bra on the lovely lady. I'm clever like that.

She very kindly asked if I could make the head look more like the Bone characters.

My reaction was: "D'OH!"

And then I got the joke as intended. Sometimes, it takes some prodding.

And then she asked for the skull pile to be Bone character skulls and for the loin cloth to be of one of the rat characters. 

To which I thought "Oh, that's smart. I wish I'd thought of that."

Thankfully Laura doesn't mind holding my hand through these at times. How I leave the house on my own is a mystery.

Initial sketch was done in my sketchbook and scanned in and edited/drawn over in photoshop. Inks were done on 11x17 bristol with brush and sumi ink. Some elmers paint pen in there as well.