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HEART Issue 1

Heart Issue 1 will be in comic shops the first week of November.  Our numbers on it (initially) are okay, but I'm concerned that most comic book shops won't have enough available to hand-sell to MMA/UFC fans just walking in off the street because they heard about an MMA comic book.

Please ask your retailer / local comic shop to order an extra copy or 2 to have on hand for such people.

The Comics Direct Market is not built for "regular" people who just wander in off the street, unfortunately. The system of pre-ordering works for those in the know, but can be detrimental to those just looking to find something cool they heard about, like HEART, that might not have been ordered heavily enough for people who are not shop regulars with pull-lists.

RETAILERS: You should have gotten an email from IMAGE COMICS with preview pdfs of issue 1. If you didn't, hit up the twitter button the right and let me know. I'll make sure you get a preview of what you're ordering so you know first hand it's something you can believe in. If you don't have twitter, email me at kwmellon at

Blair and I are working very hard on this series, and we believe it's very accessible to non-comics readers and want to make sure everyone who wants it, has the easiest time finding it. We'd also like to help turn them into regular customers for you.

Diamond Previews September

page 168 (2 page spread in the Image section)

Order code: SEP11 0360

Story: Blair Butler
Art: Kevin Mellon
Design/Logo/Lettering: Crank!
SRP = $2.99

Blair Butler talking to Newsarama about HEART:

Image Comics Publisher, Eric Stephenson, on Blair and HEART: