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Third Eye Comics - LoveSTRUCK edition

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LoveSTRUCK: Kalli sketch


Hopeless and I had an amazing whirlwind of a time in Maryland at Annapolis' fine THIRD EYE COMICS. They sold through over 100 (ONE FUCKING HUNDRED) copies of our ogn, LoveSTRUCK.

You guys.

Guys. Seriously. This kind of shit doesn't happen at every shop. If it did, this industry would be in a much better place.

Why did it happen here? Cuz the owner and his employees run an amazing store and they HAND-SELL like crazy. They take the time to find out what you're into and walk you around the store (which has a deep deep commitment to back-stock and trades) and shows you everything you could possibly be into.

I watched Steve and Trish and Torma move a metric fuck-ton of books on Saturday, and I was only in store for about 5 hours.

Just fucking incredible.

I was stoked for the signing on 11/12 with Blair to begin with, but now? I can't fucking wait.

We need more shops like this, more owners like this. People who actively work to MOVE the product they stock OUT the door in a way that brings customers back wanting and salivating for more.

Overheard as Hopeless and I were packing up for the day:

"Thank god you're not a drug dealer, Steve"

Best compliment you can give a retailer, ever.