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Third Eye Comics - HEART Edition

So you read all the awesome things I had to say about Third Eye Comics previously; I'll try not to retread too much, but it's going to be hard not to repeat myself when talking about how good the signing went and everyone at Third Eye Comics are.

Steve, Trish, and Torma worked very hard to make sure that the signing was not only a huge day for their shop, but a huge day for Blair and me. Since this was Blair and my only other signing together this year (aside from NYCC) and our only in-store signing for Heart #1, it was so great to have it be such a big event and for it to go so well.

People started lining up outside the store (in the cold!) at 7am, and we ended up with a line that wrapped around the inside of the store that lasted for at least the first 2 hours of the signing. It was great because Blair loves to chat with fans and they got a chance to talk with her in a relaxed setting without the fear or hassle of any time constraints or pressing con lines pushing to move things along.

So many great people came out to get the book signed and Steve, being the selling machine that he is, turned many customers who just happened to wander in, on to our book. As with the LoveSTRUCK signing, it was like watching a master at work; as Steve (sometimes literally) ran around the store taking care of customers and pitching them on Heart and us.

And you guys, holy shit, you guys! Everyone we met was phenomenal. You Maryland kids are really great, and we really appreciate that so many of you stood in line for a really long time just to get Blair and me to scribble on your books. That means so much, I can't properly express it. It was also really wonderful that so many people who came to the LoveSTRUCK signing were there again and that you all really enjoyed that book, too. Many of you came up to tell me how much you really liked LoveSTRUCK, and that means so much to me. To have two books that I've put so much into (Heart and LoveSTRUCK) come out this year and be well received by fans has been utterly amazing. I'm so grateful.

After the signing, we had a lovely dinner and then watched the debut of the UFC on Fox. For me, personally, this was a great cap to a fantastic day, because Blair and I have never really gotten to hang out that much and to be able to just chill with Steve, Trish, and Torma and watch MMA was awesome. For the record, the Henderson/Guida prelim on Fox Deportes was fucking phenomenal.

Anyways, enough blathering. Here's some pics.

Special thanks to the 501st for showing up and being great representatives of an always awesome group.

Torma the Destroyer (TORMA! ATTACK!)

That Hulk, he's a ball-buster.

(me, Torma, Blair, Steve, and Trish)

Photos courtesy of:

Jay Smith
Kevin Mellon
Blair Butler

Bonus Stokoe:

Okay, so Steve knows James Stokoe and Marley Zarcone from way back. I guess when you know James, you sometimes get amazing fucking art. (Plus, Steve had a bunch of great Marley art from Forgetless on his walls).

Holy crap was this awesome to see in person. Each part is about 10x15ish. That James Stokoe is a fucking boss, lemme tell ya. Seriously, click to embiggenate (and it still won't do it justice).