kevin mellon


Instagram Dump 12/11/11

haven't done one of these in a few months, and it shows. 

I tend to neglect the bullshit blog posting more than I used to since I use twitter for so much of that. Trying to re-think my approach to this space and how to better integrate it (or not) into a more complete online presence, since the audience on here, Facebook, and twitter don't have a lot of overlap. There's a few of you who follow me on all 3, but you're creeps. Especially you.

Also, for those of you getting this in your RSS feed, sorry. I didn't feel like reformatting the jpgs to take up less space and blogger is actually quite shit for blogging images now. Whatevs. You'll deal. 

Love you all. Thanks for one of the best years I've had in my career thus far. Look forward to making 2012 even better.