kevin mellon


I Make Comic Books

I draw comic books for a living.

I have yet to be ashamed of this. Neither should any of you who do the same.

When people correct themselves from saying "comic books" to "graphic novels" or whatever other bullshit someone is trying to sell them on that week that is meant to "elevate" the "medium" when talking to/with/about what I do, I laugh. I say "whatever you want to call it. I draw comic books. It's all the same to me."

Call it whatever makes you feel better about yourself, or makes you feel like you look better to your family who don't understand who you are and what you do. Whatever. Narrative developer, sequentialist, graphic novelist, illustrator, whatever. Who cares.

Comic. Books.


The quicker you accept it, the better your life gets. The more you reject it, the harder you'll have to work to be accepted by people who will never accept you to begin with.

Trust me, I know.

I make comic books for a living.