kevin mellon


New Horizons

As a few of you who read this blog know from Twitter and Facebook, I recently accepted a full-time position at Floyd County Productions and will be moving to Atlanta in a few weeks. I've been boarding for their show Archer part time for most of Season 3 (which just ended), and will be working on Season 4 once I'm there. This is an exciting and scary change for my life, but I'm totally looking forward to it and looking forward to being even more a part of a show and team that I'm already a huge fan of. 

The biggest question most people have been asking is what this will do to my comics career. That's a good and fair question and I honestly don't know. I've averaged a book a year the last few years, so this probably won't change that, but no worries if it does. I'm excited about working for Floyd County, and am looking forward to the opportunities that will arise from doing so.

My next appearances will likely be limited to just Free Comic Book Day in May at Heroes Aren't Hard to Find in Charlotte, NC and HEROES con (also in Charlotte, NC) in June.

Not sure of any conventions or appearances after that, I'll keep this space updated.