kevin mellon


Wolverine and x23 and Gillis

Dennis Hopeless, my longtime friend and collaborator on Gearhead and LoveSTRUCK is helping out the Gillis Center, an  at risk Youth and Family center by collecting and curating a bunch of comic pro's art, the sale of which will benefit abused children and families. 

I don't think it's mentioned there, but the buyer will also get the sketchbook layout (full size) included in their purchase.

I did a rough and very quick sketch in my sketchbook to nail down what I was seeing in my head:

I'm minus a cintiq at home (car repairs and the move to Atlanta necessitated my selling it), and haven't fully gotten my studio set up for my usual work flow, so instead of scanning that thumbnail and then enlarging and penciling digitally, I just did my best to re-capture what I was going for on another page in my sketchbook. Very fast and very loose in pencil then quickly roughing over it with a zebra pen and a kuretake brush pen to make light-boxing easier. As you can see, I went with claws down in the final sketch. It felt like a better choice. I also opted to show the foot claws on X-23. I wish I knew why, seeing as I think they're a bit of a design flaw with this character. For some reason I think they work here.

Then I broke out the old light-box (which hasn't been used by me in many years) to transfer the drawing from my 11x14 sketchbook paper to 11x17 300 series vellum bristol.

And then I inked it, as you can see at the top. Raphael 8404 #1 brush, Yasutomo Sumi ink on the aforementioned bristol board. X-Acto blade and paper towel for fx.