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Blair Butler interview on TFAW

Blair does a great interview with Things From Another World about how awesome she is and our book Heart. You can get HEART at a discount from TFAW by clicking the link at the end of the article. What made Image the right publisher for Heart?

BB: I don’t think any other publisher would have taken a gamble on this subject matter — or on me. I mean, I’m an unproven writer doing a black and white “sports” comic. But Image really gives you the ability to sink or swim on your own merits. You’re acting as your own editor — which can be daunting, especially for a first-time comic writer — but I felt like it really liberated me to do whatever I wanted. I’m incredibly grateful for that. And the artist of Heart, Kevin Mellon, is hugely committed to doing creator-owned comics. (Shameless plug for Kevin’s new comic, Creator Owned Heroes). But right now, Image is giving creators the ability to take tremendous creative risks — and to own their ideas, which is huge.