kevin mellon


Around the Web.

I'm on a fuck-ton of social network sites, so I should probably do a link round-up every so often.

Right now I am posting regularly to:

Twitter: @kmellon
Facebook: Kevin Mellon (I only add people I know IRL, but you're more than welcome to subscribe to my public updates, which are far fewer and more tolerable than if were to add you).
Instagram: @kmellon
Flickr: Aimsatellite
DeviantArt: KevinMellon
Google +

I'm on, Spotify, and some other sites I'm sure I should be remembering.

I also have an profile that has most everything in one handy place.

I turned comments off here a few years back so I didn't have to deal with the headache of spam and assholes, but you can reach me very easily through twitter if you feel the urge.