kevin mellon


Leather bound sketches 11 2 12

Sketches in the leather bound book, and some other stuff.

I've been in a girls and mech/robots mood the last few months. Not really sure why, as I'm not intaking any of that sort of thing in my tv/movie/comic habits. My subconscious is the one talking, I just try to scribble as fast as I can.

Sometimes I doodle co-workers while we're at lunch. Everyone say hi to Mike.

The Weeknd's "Enemy" on loop and the above is what came out. If you've heard the song, you're probably just as "huh?" as I was.

Dunno what it is, but sunrises and sunsets in the ATL are much more vibrant than I recall seeing in KC. I'm sure it's no different, I probably just see them more since I'm up at regular hours now.

I often order new pens on a lark. Got some in today (11.2) and after a 10 hour day at work, doodled the above and below sketches to let my mind unwindulax.

These are probably the biggest breasts I've drawn in a while. At least not since that one drawing, eh DSG? :) I do have a tendency to show my *likes* in my sketches more than I think I do, and every now and then something like a big breasted, scantily-clad camp counselor comes out, instead of a willowy hipster girl in a skirt and leggings.