kevin mellon


Sketching - 11.3-4.2012

Some sketching over the weekend.

Watched Prometheus, enjoyed it a lot. I was expecting to hate it, or at least agree with the flaws that people had (quite vehemently) told me existed in it. I didn't find any major faults with it (and am hard pressed to think of any faults at all, as I type this) and having just rewatched Alien and Aliens, I find it to be a great addition to that world and it's mythos. 

Rewatching Alien obviously had an effect on my sketching...

I also think it's far superior to Cameron's film, which is great, but a completely different kind of film that happens to have one of the same characters in it.

I think Panic Room is closest in spirit to what Scott did on Alien. I love the fuck out of that movie, too.