kevin mellon



Four years ago, when I turned 30, I was in a pretty low spot in my life personally and professionally.

I'd just come out of about 2 years of shitty freelance work where I'd done a lot of books and jobs very fast and very shittily for mediocre/little pay. The payments weren't on time, which made my bills even later being paid (and since I was living with a friend, this put a strain on our friendship).  I didn't even have good looking work to show for the shitty life and financial situation I'd put myself in. I was in the middle of declaring bankruptcy and moving back in with my parents while doing so, as well as just being in a shitty place in my personal life with relationships and friends. I found myself once again working at a liquor store to make ends meet while trying to figure out where and how I'd gone so horribly wrong with everything.

4 years later, I managed to turn all of that around. I have put out several books with amazing people in the meantime that are some of the best work I'm capable of and I am as stable in life and job as I could ever ask for.  To top it all off, I've ended up working on a show with and for people that I've been huge fans of for a long time. Working with people who are hilarious, good, kind, and challenge me in new ways every single week I'm around them. It's a blessing.

It could all change tomorrow, and I wouldn't care. I'm in a good place now.

I made a conscious decision to dig out of those holes and make better choices in my life and am happy to be where I am, and am grateful for everything and everyone in my life right now.

I hope you all are well and wish you the best out of 2013 that you can make of it.