kevin mellon



The playing field for self-publishing your work has been level and fair ever since people figured out how to put comics on the internet.

But just in case you needed any less of an excuse to get off your ass and put out that thing you’ve been working on, agonizing over who would publish it, who would buy/read it… well, no more.

Officially no more.

I’m talking just as much to myself here, as I am any of you. I am currently coloring a book that I wrote and drew 3 years ago. It’s been done (inked, just needing to be lettered and colored) for 3 years, and I’ve been letting it sit.

No more.

I was going to just drop it online for free when I got it done, and figure out the money and publishing stuff later. This will at least give me the opportunity, without the hassle of a publisher (thanks to all those who’ve published me in the past and might in the future, but the existing publisher/creator business model is less than stellar for someone like me), and with even less of a barrier than just putting it on the web.

The playing field has been level for some time.

You’ve never needed to know how to play the game to get in it.

Now you have one more huge outlet that will put you on tablets and phones world-wide making the playing field even bigger and easier.

Get in the game.