kevin mellon


STICKY: Planet Comicon 4/6-7/2013

I'll be in Artists Alley at this years PLANET COMICON. From the looks of it, I'm next to Dennis Hopeless and Blair Butler. This works out pretty well since I've also done books with them.

$40 - single character, minimal/no background/design elements (this is at my discretion).
(I'm going to try not to take on any multiple character sketches, but don't be afraid to ask. It all depends on how fast my list fills up).
Gearhead GN - $10
Heart GN - $10
LoveSTRUCK GN - $15
Deadline GN - $5
Single Issue Comics - $3
(Heart, American Muscle, SHIELD infinity, whatever else I have that's not a variant/rare comic)

Variant Cover / Rare comics
SHIELD Infinity "Weaver" Variant - $5
Heart “Blue” Variant - $15
Heart “Third Eye” Variant - $15
American Muscle “Photo” Variant - $5
American Muscle “Mellon” Variant - $25 (Super rare, so don't give me the stink-eye).
The Devil Wears Prada: ZOMBIE - $30 (I know, but I only have a few left and it's hard to find).
Below are some examples of the type of sketch you get from me at a convention.

Mohawk storm Daredevil Starman

Look forward to seeing you there!