kevin mellon


Heroes Con Commission pre-orders

I'm currently taking Commissions/sketch pre-orders for the upcoming Heroes Con if anyone is interested. They'll be done in advance and available for pickup at the show that weekend.

At the show, I'll only be doing the $40 sketches to preserve my sanity and time, so if you want anything bigger/more then pre-ordering is a good idea.

$40 - Black and white, inked, "convention" style sketch on 9x12 bristol. 1 figure only.

$80 - Black and white, inked, on 11x17 bristol. 1 figure only. These pieces are generally more detailed than a con sketch but not as involved as a full commission piece. Includes minimal background or design elements.

$150 - Full commission piece, up to 3 characters, full backgrounds, black and white, inked on 11x17 bristol.