kevin mellon


gold record - video

a year ago while driving home from southern missouri, i was in a pretty bad headspace and trying to come out of a fog i was only just realizing i couldn't see through. the album i had started in the fall was now to be about something. this 12 hour drive through 2 lane backroads allowed me to cement the rough shape the album would take and what, in vague notions, the songs needed to be about. i'm not sure if this is when the title came to me, i can't recall for sure. but the shape of the album and the title are very linked, so it's probable.

yesterday, while doing a similar drive (from not quite so southern missouri), i decided to make a video for one of the songs. it's nothing fancy, but it fits the tone of things and also speaks to the amount of times i've made the drive from atlanta to various parts of missouri over the last 18 months. (A. LOT.)

anyways. here's a video for 'gold record' off my album "a girl. a tree. a dream."