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Kevin Mellon

2002 Graduate of The Kubert School.

My first book, Gearhead (with writer/co-creator Dennis Hopeless), was released in 2007.

Currently story-boarding for Floyd County Productions on the FX series Archer.

Arcana Comics
Ape Entertainment
BigFoot Studios
Comics Alliance
Dabel Brothers
Desperado Publishing
Devil's Due Publishing
Echo Mobile
Ferret Music
Floyd County Productions
IDW Publishing
Image Comics
The Kansas City Star
Kickstart Entertainment
Marvel Entertainment
Mondo Media
The Pitch
Platinum Studios
Th3rdworld Publishing
The Devil Wears Prada
Warner Music Group

Full list of projects. Past, present and some future:

Gearhead #1-#4 (2007 Arcana)
Thirteen Steps #1-#5 (2007 Desperado)
Teddy Scares Vol. 3 "My Abigail" (2007 Ape Entertainment)

Ghosting #4-#5 (2008 Platinum)
GunPlay "Dime Novel Illustrations" (Platinum)
The Atheist Vol. 2 #1-#2 (2008 Desperado)
Comic Book Tattoo "Programmable Soda" (Image Comics)
Hack/Slash #18-#20 (2008 Devil's Due)

Dresden Files (Free Comic Book Day)(2009 Dabel Bros.)
This Is A Souvenir - The Songs of Spearmint and Shirley Lee "A Different Lifetime" (2009 Image)

Garters & Ghouls #1 (Digital release only)(2010 IDW)
The Devil Wears Prada: ZOMBIE ep comic (2010 Ferret Music/Warner Bros.)
Hack Slash: Trailers 2 "Blood On The Dance Floor" (2010 Image)


S.H.I.E.L.D. Infinity - Nicola Tesla 8 page story (MARVEL Ent.)
S.H.I.E.L.D. Volume 2 #1 Backup Illustrations (MARVEL Ent.)
Deadline OGN (2011 Kickstart Entertainment)
Lovestruck OGN (2011 Image Comics)
Zombie Slay (iOS game art for The Devil Wears Prada app/game)
Heart #1-4 (Image Comics)
Archer Season 3 (Storyboards; Floyd County Productions)


Archer Season 3 (Storyboards; Floyd County Productions)

Archer Season 4 (Storyboards; Floyd County Productions)
Explosion Force  (Storyboards, Layouts; Mondo Media)
American Muscle #1-4 (w/ Steve Niles) (Creator Owned Heroes; Image Comics)


Archer Season 4 (Storyboards; Floyd County Productions)

Archer Season 5 (Storyboards; Floyd County Productions)

Summer 2013:
Suicide Sisters Vol. 1 "Shoot The Devil"