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12-12 update

been a while since i updated here. twitter and instagram are my preferred methods of updating on things, but i've been looking at coming back to a more focused internet presence that lives mostly here and then updates to those places. i've deactivated my fb again, and don't miss it. i enjoy my interactions on the other two platforms, and tumblr i'm just never on. i think i'm too old to have missed the boat that missed the boat on that one.

anyways here's a page from a 24-page one-shot i've had in progress for a while. life, both internal and external, have eaten away at a lot of my getting new comics done over the last few years. working on changing that moving forward.


Process post - Love Is Love: Shots

Author Ellie Ann, Letterer Crank!, and I contributed a page to the "Love Is Love" anthology to benefit the victims and families affected by the PULSE nightclub shooting last year. It didn't end up in the print edition, as happens sometimes with these things, but it's in the Comixology digital edition.

I never got around to posting process stuff from it last fall, so I thought I'd drop some stuff here now. You can see the final lettered and colored version if you purchase the Digital edition. Proceeds benefit a great cause and it's chock full of amazing creators.


Since this was just one page and I knew I was going to do a grid layout, I didn't try to lay out the page as a whole at first. I worked on the individual moments to get them the way I wanted and then dropped them into the page as a whole to adjust and rework as needed.

This was penciled and inked in Clip Studio Paint. The colors for the final were done in photoshop.