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Rooster by Joe Eisma

I'm a huge fan of Morning Glories by Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma, and I feel fortunate to have gotten to know Joe a bit over the last few months during Skype chats with he, Nick Pitarra, Juan Castro, Charles Wilson, Robert Atkins, and Jason Baroody. (Yeah, that's some name-dropping. What. Do something).

So needless to say, I'm humbled and flattered and just plain awesome'd that Joe decided to do this sketch of Heart's Oren "Rooster" Redmond as a warm-up the other day:

Check Joe Eisma out on DeviantArt

And if you're not buying Morning Glories already, get on it.


Heart 2 process

Haven't posted regularly in a month, if not longer. Sorry about that. I usually am good to do about 3-5 posts a week and the last few months it's gotten harder to do so as I wind down to working on more and more stuff I can't show.

So here's some pencils and thumbnails from Heart # 2, with Crank!s letters. Done in Manga Studio and Sketchbook Pro and in my sketchbook.

Issue 3 is out this month. Get on it, kids.





Eleven things about 2011

No particular order.

1. Second year in a row completely freelance.
2. The Weeknd "Balloon Trilogy" (House of Balloons, Thursday, Echoes of Silence)
4. I wasn't reckless enough with my heart.
5. Another year where it seems like not nearly enough was accomplished, both personally or with work.
6. Life is good.
7. SuckerPunch
9. Friends, whom I'm not around often enough, but keep me grounded and sane.
10. Heart; working with Crank! and Blair.
11. All of you. Thank you.