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30 Days of Night Sample page

A sample page I did trying to get on a 30 Days of Night book with Niles. He and I have been trying to find a way to work together for about 4 years now. Dumb luck (i.e. realities of publishing these days) none of it has gotten far enough to see print.

As I mentioned the other day, Steve and I are working on some creator-owned stuff, since these gigs keep not panning out. I'm working on designs and layouts right now, so hopefully he and I will be able to unleash it on you all sooner rather than later.

This page also taught me a lot about what kind of implied textures, shapes and lines I can do and get away with as far as my inking technique is concerned. So, not a total waste of time.


M?stery Society

Another project that fell apart last year.

This one was absolutely heart-breaking to watch go away, but that's how the business goes. If all had gone according to plan, I would have picked up after Fiona Staples and been the new series artist. I love these characters and what Steve and Fiona set up.

I had even started layouts (based on some back and forth plotting between Niles and I) for the first few pages of what would either have been issue 6 or issue 1 of a new mini.

Fucking Heart-Breaking, I Tell Ya.

Ah well. Steve's a gent and we're drumming up ways to work together as I type this.

-Whole lot of art after the jump-